Waiting Room #6

The IBMP Waiting Room #6 was organized in 1955 by a key group of suppliers to the pulp and paper industry in Western Canada. The logo was created in 1948 by Wayne Bagley, a nationally known commercial artist, whose work appeared in Esquire and other magazines. At the time the railroad was the usual transportation. It was not uncommon for the “peddlers” to be a wee bit late and to have some trouble catching the last train home on Friday night! For the first few years “Waiting room #6” supported the technical meetings of the Pacific Coast Branch of C.P.P.A.

In 1962 the first Joint Conference was organized, forging a significant and lasting relationship between suppliers and the industry. Throughout the years these annual conferences have provided an opportunity for both an exchange of technical knowledge and personal development. To understand what this means, see the names of how many industry leaders have been part of this partnership, to say nothing of the personal friendships.

In 1976 the Eagle Trophy was established as a memorial to H.R. MacMillan, shortly after his death. Again to reflect on the significance of this coveted award, for the “Best Technical Paper” at each conference, look over the list of winners. You will see the record of personal development and achievement.

Throughout these many years Scholarship funds have been given to U.B.C., U. of A, & B.C.I.T. for students in Chemistry, Forestry, Engineering, & Pulp and Paper Technology. These scholarships now honour the memory of deceased members of the I.B.M.P., Waiting Room #6, and the mill people who have served on the conference committee.

Honorary Peddlers

  • Bill Adams (2018)
  • Bob Affleck  (1979)
  • John Ayles (2017)
  • Don Baker
  • Mary Barnes (2013)
  • George Bird
  • David Bonvie  (2007)
  • Jim Bowersock
  • Bill Breitenbach
  • Dan Brinson  (2004)
  • Ivan Curry  (1995)
  • Joe Costantino
  • Carlo Dal Monte (2012)
  • Bill Dale
  • Bill Drummond
  • Jim Earle
  • George Flater
  • Sid Forstrom  (1975)
  • Bob Fraser
  • Russ Fulton  (2001)
  • Jim Gormley
  • Howard Graham
  • John Guthrie
  • Bill Hellyer
  • Russ Horner
  • Dave Ingram
  • Harry Karasiuk
  • Peter Knorr  (1992)
  • Pierre Lamarche  (2009)
  • Laudy Lickacz
  • Ralph Lunn (2019)
  • Jack McDonald
  • Duncan MacInnes
  • Waldie Manion
  • Bob Mitchell  (1996)
  • John Morgan  (2003)
  • Ralph Paterson
  • James Petrie
  • Randy Reimer (2016)
  • Brett Robinson  (2011)
  • Bob Ryan  (1984)
  • Dwayne Sklapsky  (2010)
  • Don Stuart
  • Wilf Sweeney  (1989)
  • Ivan Sutherland
  • Gordon Taylor
  • Arvind Thakore (2015)
  • Ralf Thomas
  • Peter Tyne
  • Al Wallace
  • Al Ward  (2008)

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               PEDDLERS SONG

“P”        is for the Peanuts they pay us

“E”        is for the Eggs we have to dodge

“D” s     are for the Duties which dismay us

“L”        is for our Loyal Little Lodge

“E”        is for the Energy we are known for

“R”        is for the Rubbish that we sell

                  Put them all together -

                 they spell  PEDDLER

         The Brotherhood we love so well !!!